Cheesy Chips


March 15, 2013 by Casey Foedisch

I try to eat paleo, or at least a carb-free but dairy-loving form of it.  That’s weird, isn’t it?  Someone obsessed with baking that actively tries to avoid flour and processed grains/carbs/etc.  This means that baking is my cheat, and I only ever taste my batters/frostings, and then one serving of the dessert (LOL).  That doesn’t always go well.

So I’m always looking for cool, tasty stuff to substitute into my diet and replace those pesky carbs.  And what did I find on Pinterest to save the day?  These Cheesy Chips from Joyful Abode.

Awwwww, yissss.

They’re extremely easy and and you don’t really have to measure your ingredients.  Just eyeball it, bake them, and pull them out when they brown.  Honestly, they’re good burned, too.

I love her garlic and parsley idea, but I salt mine.  ‘Cause I can, and I love it.  She’s right about the parchment, too; wax paper is a hot mess, seriously.  All it does is smoke up your kitchen and stick to the cheesy goodness.

The magic begins with your ingredients of choice going into a bowl and getting mixed to perfection.  I used Stella Bakers & Chefs 3 Cheese Blend this time, as opposed to just a regular cheddar, and it was far superior.

Throw your seasoning in, fold it over, and it's done!

Throw your seasoning in, fold it over, and it’s done!

The only measurement that you really have to stick to (if you want little chips) is the teaspoon.  It’s the perfect size for single-serving chips.  However, I have made cheddar chips with a tablespoon and change to sit on top of a salad as a garnish and it went fine.  Just space them out more.

Cheese army, assemble!

Cheese Army

Messy is totally okay, just don’t let them get too close to each other or you’ll have one seriously big chip.

After the oven, they come out looking wonderfully browned.  I do mine at 350° for about 9 minutes because I like that extra crunch.

Post Oven Battle

Awww yis.

They are amazing.  You can certainly use them as dippers in hummus or whatever, but I eat them alone.  I just ate 12 while I was sitting here, and I ain’t even mad.

You know you want this cheesy goodness.

You know you want this cheesy goodness.


5 thoughts on “Cheesy Chips

  1. That looks delicious! I’m kind of obsessed with cheese, so this is looking quite good to me right now 🙂

  2. […] my heart-shaped silicone molds, but they never turned out. Well, this weekend casey13lee shared an easy cheesy chip recipe (link in her blog post).  It is really easy, but the parchment paper is a […]

  3. Genius idea! I’m totally trying this soon. 🙂

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